11 Awesome Winning Tips to become a winner in life


11 Awesome Winning Tips to become winner in life
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You live in Society where people have been praising winners since ancient times. That’s why everyone wants to be a winner in life and they have become a central core part of society. If you want to be a winner, then you must stand among the crowd. It all depends on your winning strategy though it takes hard work, patience, and consistency.

How to win at everything?

Here you go – 11 awesome tips to become a winner in life.

 1. Set Up Goals

Have you seen any person achieve something without setting up goals? Absolutely not. Because if you want to be a winner, you must know what you want to achieve in your life. Imagine you’re in a race, you don’t know where is finishing line, would you able to win the Race?

No, you wouldn’t. That why you need to set specific goals so you would achieve it without Wandering anywhere. If you knew the finishing line, you could probably win the race.

So the conclusion is that if you want to be a winner in life, you must know in what direction you’re going and where is your finishing line and how hard you have to work to achieve it. If you still not have goals, you should set up your goals as soon as possible so that you will achieve them and become a winner rather than working Aimlessly.

 2. Work Hard, Try Every Possible Way to Achieve Them.

Success needs hard work and that’s true because you cannot accomplish success in just one day. It takes time, patience, and hard work.

How I become a winner in life?

My Story from Looser to Winner:

Let me tell you how I got 93 marks in Math. While I was studying in school, I was very weak in math because just like you, I used to hate Math and had zero interest. But a friend of mine was very sharp in Math (not in other subjects), so I asked him, how are you always top in Math? He replied to me, I study 5-6 Hours daily without missing a single day.

When I heard him, I stood shocked and thought that he always good grade in Math because he works hard on it. That time I inspired and motivated so much and I decided that I want to myself and I want to be a winner, not a looser.

I borrow Math Notes that he prepared by himself. I read and understand every formula from his Math notes that he gave me and practiced about 4-5 hours daily. Later, I gave my board exam and waiting for the result to be declared. After some days, the Board declared our result and I was shivering because many thoughts were coming into my mind.

I opened the website and saw my result. I was satisfied because not only did I get 93 marks in Mathematics, but I also topped my class. For me, it was a great achievement and very soon it became a habit of winning in my life.

After this, I must say, “Hard Work, Pay Off”.

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 3. Complain Less, Accept Responsibilities of Your Actions

Losers always complain while winners find every possible way to solve problems and tackle obstacles along their path.

Do you want to be a winner or a loser?

Don’t blame others for your mistakes because If you want to be a winner, then you must accept the responsibilities of your own mistakes. Winners understand that their choices and decisions brought here in this situation.

Winners are always self-aware about their mistakes; they never complain instead they find solutions on problems. While losers blame others all the time since they never take any responsibilities for their mistakes.

“Be winner Not Looser”.

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 4. Do One Task at a Time

This is not only my advice to work on one task at a time but many successful people have also said. If you’re Working on a single task at a time, your productivity and capacity to work more will be increase. You cannot play cricket and football at once that’s why you should focus on one task to become a winner in everything.

Why you should work on one task at a time?

Working on too many Tasks, things may get complex and this will be a bad habit for you. If you’re working on one task at a time, you’ll be more focused, consistent, and successful in life. You cannot manage multiple things at once hence you should do one task at a time.

 5. Talk Less, Listen More

How much do you talk and how much do you listen on average days?

Listening more to others will always benefit you because many times you get very useful information from your competitor that’s the main reason winners always prefer to listen first. Whom will audience prefer to listen, a person who always talk and never listen to others or person who never talk without reason.

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln

Silence doesn’t mean that you’ll not speak out a single word but without any proper information, it is better to remain silent rather than considering wrong assumptions. Since Winners always give first priorities to listening, they are winners.

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 6. Stay Focused, Don’t Let People Tell You It Can’t Be Done

Don’t let anyone said that you can’t do this?

Just keep your goal in mind and stay focused. If they try to demotivate you, then show them your middle finger and leave those people barking. One day you’ll be a winner and people who are demotivating you would be jealous of your success. Keep in mind that People always become fork when someone is going to succeed and winner in life.

Always keep your focus towards your goal because you cannot be a winner if you’re not focused on your goal and if you’re not focused you can’t achieve what you have as a goal. It’s so simple, do hard work, focused on your goal, and don’t deviate from your goal and achieve it.

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 7. Try, Learn and Grow

Once you set goals, the next step is to create a path map that will lead you to your success. Throughout this journey, you’ve to try several things and learn from them. You may fail many times but don’t give up its not the end. Every successful person has gone through several failures but they never give up.

You shouldn’t be afraid of failure, rather you can take failures as a lesson. Try to learn something new every day because when it comes to winning, your knowledge will become your power. Winners never stop until they accomplish their goals.

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 8. Make No Excuses

Making excuses not only delay your work but also a success. That’s why winners don’t make any excuses. If you really want to be a winner in life, then you should stay away from making excuses. You would regret yourself later if you’re creating excuses.

You’ll be considered as a loser who doesn’t want to do hard work but want to succeed in life. Ask yourself either you want to become a winner or loser, All in your hands.

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 9. Be Consistent

Are you maintaining your consistency at work?

Most people set their goal but they failed to maintain their consistency toward the goal. Often our emotions come across that make you less productive and you lost your consistency toward your goal.

If you have set a goal, then you must commit to achieving it. Winners believe in being consistently focused on their goals and they are always committed to achieving it. I know it’s very difficult to stay consistent because of human habits.

You’ve to believe in yourself and develop the habit of winners so you’ll also win in life. Success needs hard work, patience, consistency, and self-belief.

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 10. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others means you’re insulting yourself and nothing else. You don’t need to compare yourself because you’re more precious than what others think. You’ve to be willing to work harder than others. You must be faster than others since winners always think faster than their competitors.

How to not compare yourself to others?

  • Develop self-confidence and make a decision yourself.
  • Becoming independent of others will help you to stop comparing yourself with others.
  • Become an expert in one field and become an inspiration for others.
  • Develop habits of winners

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   11. Respect Yourself would help you to know your value

you can consider self-respect as knowledge because people would realize your value with dignity. Self-respect is a matter often in a matter of love because if you’ll have no self-respect then your partner would not going respect you.

Everyone respects Winners because they have self-respect and pride. If you always compare yourself with others, then why would anyone respect you? People will respect only winners because they live with self-respect.

So from now, you should respect yourself that helps others to know your values with dignity.

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  Final thoughts:

These 11 winning tips are most effective to win in life so you can also praise and appreciated by society.

Here is Quick summary of 11 awesome winning tips to win at life

  1. Set up goals
  2. Work Hard and try every possible way to achieve them.
  3. Complain less and accept responsibilities your actions
  4. Do one task at a time
  5. Talk Less, Listen more
  6. Stay focused and don’t let people tell you it can’t be done
  7. Try, learn, grow
  8. Make no excuses
  9. Be consistent
  10. Don’t compare yourself to others
  11. Respect Yourself would help you to know your value.


Ajay Meshram

Ajay Meshram

Ajay Meshram is the founder of gochasable.com and he has completed his engineering in Computer science. he started this blog for those people who really wanted incredible changes in their lives. Here he will share about his life, how he went through difficult situations, and how he could overcome it. Now he is living a happy and satisfying life.

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