happiness within yourself

Happiness is the most powerful word that fills the emptiness in your life.

Usually, we always rely on others for happiness but nobody will come to make you happy. You have to find happiness within yourself.

Here are 15 simple ways that help me to find happiness within myself.

1. Leave Fear Of Suffering

According to spiritual Guru Sadhguru,

All of us should strive to create our circles of joyfulness and pleasantness around us, Because If you’re not joyful by own nature, if you’re always going around with the fear of suffering, as long as fear of suffering is there within you, you’ll never walk your life full stride.
It’ll be always half a step. Most human beings have crippled themselves because of fear of suffering.
what will happen to me? is always the question.

“Whatever happens, this how I will be”.

If this assurance comes to you, only now you’ll want to scale the peaks of life and what about it. If it does, then it doesn’t matter to you if it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter to you when you want to explore every dimension of life.

So, first and foremost thing is this, that your way of being is not determined by what’s around you. If you bring this one aspect to you, there’s no fear of suffering. Once there is no fear of suffering, you’ll traverse the breadth and length of the life, without hesitation.

Leaving fear of life is one of the best ways to find happiness within yourself.

2. Spend With Time Who Makes You Happy

I always like to spend my time with people who make me happy often inspiring me.

although, I don’t like to stay around those people who always demotivated me and makes me feel uncomfortable. This seems to be like a no brainer but it’s amazing how often we keep people just because they’re familiar.

Usually, I hang out with friends, we enjoy the whole day without much thought, although others only think about their stress or concerns. You will also find happiness within yourself like me by spending time with people who love you, who care about you, who makes you happy when you’re sad.

3. Find Meaningful Purpose

Often you are unhappy because you don’t have any meaningful purpose in life yet. When you see a person succeeding in their career, you’ll think to achieve the peak of success like them although you have not decided what to do.

How to find a meaningful purpose?

  • Find the areas, you are interested in.
  • Write down all the areas of interest on the copy.
  • Choose one them by comparing the highest level of interest.
  • And Pursue it as a career

Using the above tips you can find your meaningful purpose in life, pursue it as a career to stay happy within yourself.

4. Make A Choice

Your choices will decide your happiness whether you’ll be happy or not. Make a choice that brings you happiness and self-discipline in your life.
your perspective will result in the choice of happiness whether it is made deliberately or not. Nobody will decide your happiness; you have to choose your happiness if you want to happy.

 “People can only be as happy as they believe they can – Abraham Lincoln”.

5. Solve problems when they point you

Nobody wants problems in their life but often they always come into our lives. However, Problems make us anxious and nervous, when they point us.
We will never be happy when we have lots of problems in life.
However, we can be happy, only if we would solve problems as they point us.

6. Fixing Your Thoughts

Studies have found that about 80% of the thoughts that we have on a day-to-day basis are negative. However, this is bad, every time you have a negative thought, it comes with a negative feeling.

For example, “I’m not enough” thought like this only makes you angry, depressed, guilty, and sad. However positive thought like “I can do it” will boost your happiness and productivity to accomplished whatever.

So first, fix your negative thoughts by intentionally changing the way of perspective to look at. By fixing your ratio negative versus positive, you will find happiness within yourself.

7. Build a Habit

building habits is a good practice to find happiness within yourself. Habits could be good or bad. Good habits can give you happiness although bad habits can affect your life upside down.
As you probably noticed your ability to cream or happiness ultimately depends on your ability to build new habits. If you goanna sticks to that habit, your life will goanna change very soon.

8. Accept The Change

Changes in life are natural, they change according to the situation. we don’t have control over changes happening in our lives but if they are good then accept them, if they’re not beneficial to us, then try to divert them in another way. A small change can give you happiness when you accept them. When a good thing happens, even little ones, let them in.

9. Do What You Love

If you want to be happy, then you must follow your passion or do what you want. Maybe you cannot go on vacation every single day but you could choose one day and do all those things that you love.
For example, if you have an interest in finding historic things then go to every historic place and find them.

10. Meditate

Studies have found that meditation helps you to reduce anxiety and stress. Meditation has the power to heals a lot of things. While practicing meditation, you’ll feel that lots of negative thoughts and problems are trapping you but after a few minutes of meditation, those all negative thoughts and problems will flush out of your mind. Daily Practice Meditation will help you to find happiness within yourself.

11. Forgive Other

Most of the time you hurt by your people Unintentionally. This bad moment hurt you a lot and you always remember about those moments when they hurt you and become very angry with them. By remembering all those words, they said to you, you will only become sad. The best way to find happiness is to forgive all of them and throw them out of your life.

12. Acts As Per Priorities

We all have different priorities in life.
Have you ever thought about differentiating tasks based on the priorities?
For example, suppose you have a football match in a week. How do you manage your day to prepare for practice?

if I have a football match in a week, I’ll give priority to football match practice before any other tasks to win that match. Because practice makes a man perfect. Ultimately happiness will come when we win the match.

13. Avoid Social Media 

When you have a moment of relaxing, you like to check in on social media. On social media, you see other people enjoying their life while you are sitting or laying on the bed. But you can try and resist, it may prove more difficult than some for others!

I don’t know why would anyone waste their time on social media by watching other’s photos, videos, etc. Remember, this time is about you and not really about your friends. This time is completely dedicated to you!

If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, you can watch comedy instead of scrolling down on social media.

14. Appreciate Small Things

Appreciating little things will make you happy. Usually, we ignore small things and focus on the big ones. That why we feel incompleteness and unhappiness. From now I want you to appreciate every one of things from waking up the morning, to take shower, to someone holding a door open for you, and many more.

Start appreciating small things and people who work hard to make you smile. It is necessary to take some time to consider where happiness comes from. We always focus on what will have in our life but not on what we have lost in the past.

15. Exercise

Studies have found that exercise helps to release internal toxins things through perspiration. When all those toxins things will flush out from your body, you’ll feel relaxed and happy. If you are not exercising, this is the best time to start exercising to find happiness within yourself.


Now you are completely prepared to find happiness using above 15 simple ways. These are simple tips that I have used in my life to become happy within myself without relying on others. I hope this post will help to find happiness.

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