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A positive attitude is the state of mind that always looks toward goodness and success rather than negativity and failure, while a negative attitude always looks toward negativity or hateful thought.
Here are some ways to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace.

1. Keep A Positive Attitude Toward Rejection

Usually, you always attracted to negative thought than positive ones when we get rejected in life.
Rejection could be anything like when you go to the job interview and got rejected by the interviewer.
I know it hurts a lot but you have to keep a positive attitude so that you’ll understand Rejection is a skill.
Nobody has been successful without being rejected

WhatsApp founder Brian Acton and Jan Koum applier at Facebook for a job and were rejected by Facebook after leaving Yahoo.

After being rejected they kept a positive attitude or mindset and decided to develop a real-time messaging app named WhatsApp.

And you won’t believe this app became famous in a short span of the time and later on 19 February 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp.

Always keep a positive attitude even if in the rejection like WhatsApp founder Brian Acton and Jan Koum were kept.


2. Always Tell Yourself You Are Awesome

Most of the time you get demonized when you fail and start assessing yourself.
However, I do not think failure means starting to judge oneself.

Instead you can tell yourself that you are unique, you are awesome, you have some special skills that others do not have.

This will really help you to develop positive mindset or attitude and start thinking positive rather than negative.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself

Comparing yourself is one that starts developing a negative mindset or attitude itself.
Why do you always compare yourself to others and try to be like them?
After getting the answer to this question you will never compare yourself to others.

The reason behind this is your mindset or attitude because when you see that your friend has got admission in engineering college, you will also try to get admission in engineering college, however, you are not interested in it.

After some time, you will feel this area boring, although your friend was enjoying it.
This happened because you were comparing yourself to your friend.
So stop comparing yourself and keep a positive attitude in the work that interests you.

4. Keep A Gratitude Journal


Gratitude is what helps us to have a positive attitude at the workplace when we feel negativity.
Sometimes one event can ruin your whole day and you will keep thinking about that single event which will overshadow the pleasant part of the day and will not let you enjoy your day.

Keeping this awareness in mind that we always attracted to negativity, we could focus on the good part of our day to offset this imbalance.
Write down 5-7 things that you feel grateful for every day and you’ll see amazing changes in attitude.

Science has found that gratitude can significantly increase your happiness and keep you away from anxiety, stress, negativity, and depression.

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5. Breathe

Can you survive without a single breath? Of course, the answer is no.
Have you noticed that when we get anxious or stressed our breath changes?
Breath changes according to our feeling because breath is directly related to our feeling.

Do you know breathe also helps us to keep a positive attitude at work?
Meditation is a technique in which we concentrate on our breathing furthermore it helps us to control our emotions in the right direction.

6. Always Surrounded By Positive People

Positivity comes from positive people, not negative ones.
So that try to avoid negative people who only spread negativity and hate speeches.

What happens when you are surrounded by positive people?
When you are surrounded by positive people, their positive thoughts, stories, and affirmations would have a great impact on you and very soon you will start thinking like them.

Once this becomes your habit, you’ll find surprise change in your life.
What happens when you are surrounded by negative people?
Negative people always try to spread negativity and hateful thought.

Example: Let’s assume that your friend has a bad habit of smoking cigarettes and you always surrounded by him, sometimes he even gives you cigarettes, but you refuse to smoke, after a few days you will smoke because you always saw him smoking cigarettes, However, it is dangerous for health and one day it will become your habit.

Afterward, you will see that your positive attitude will tend to change into a negative attitude.

7. Bring Self-Discipline Into Action

Self-discipline is the key to success that keeps you positive at all times.
Without self-discipline, you will deviate from your path.
There are lots of benefits of self-discipline such as you’ll have control over yourselves, it will help you to keep a positive attitude at every point in life and others.

8. Listen To Music As Per Mood

There is no one here who doesn’t like listening to music.
Even though I like listening to music while writing a blog because it sounds good and enjoyable for me.
Music is what helps me develop a positive attitude at work.

So I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a positive attitude or mindset at work.
Music will definitely change your mood and its really simple to do.

According to the research study, most of the like to listen to sad songs as a form of the mood enhancement furthermore sad sore revoke old memories help us to forget bad and negative thoughts.

9. Have A Goal in life

Most of the people who suffer from negativity, don’t have a goal in their life.
However, goals are not only fun but are appropriate guides to achieve.
A positive attitude is not possible without a goal.

If you don’t have a goal yet, set a goal first and then move on.
Goals are evidence that you are planning and that you are doing some work and
moving forward in a positive pace.

10. Do What You Love

Things that makes you happier, go and try out them all.

Remember, no one owes you, you are boss of yourself.
So do what you want to do and find new things you don’t know.

A positive attitude will develop automatically when you do what you love.
Your positive attitude will overshadow negative thoughts and negativity.

11. Reframing Your Thought

Our mind never stops brainstorming thoughts, they might be either positive or negative.
Although negative thoughts can diminish your positive thoughts, simply denying them requires changing your negative outlook to positive attitudes.

Remember there are no dead-ends, only redirections although you might try, you will need to lots of efforts to put in and reframing your negative attitude for brainstorming new ideas if you are working on something.

Our brain is similar to a computer’s CPU because we can optimize parts of the computer for better functioning.
However, for the better functioning of our brain, we need to reframe all those things which keep you away from productivity.

12. Be Proactive Instead Of Reactive

Do you know what proactive people do?
Proactive people always take responsibility for their mistakes and learn from them so that the same mistakes won’t be repeated in the future.

They don’t blame circumstance, condition or conditioning of their behavior.

While reactive people always try to blame other people, conditions or conditioning of their behavior and never take responsibility.
That why I am telling you, always surrounded by positive people who keep a positive attitude or mindset.

Complaining will only bring regrets and dissatisfaction in the future. If you’re around people who always complain then stay away from them ASAP. Try to get positive insight into a negative situation.

13. Apply Affirmative Approach

Do you know having an affirmative approach can develop a positive attitude in every situation where you stuck in?
A person with a positive attitude is more productive than a person with a negative attitude.

Every successful people change their perspective to look towards negativity to back it up in positivity.
If you have a positive attitude and your friends always spread negative and hateful thoughts, then it’s better to stay away from them.

14. Control Your Language

Control your language mean to avoid word which affects your image in society.
The framework of language affects the person’s view of the world and the way they think.

Furthermore, your language describes how you are able to perceive the world.
The language you have used in everyday life has a great impact on your personality.

The nature of your behavior can be decided on different factors such as how you treat your family, friends, co-workers, coworkers, how you speak with them, your ability to take responsibility, etc.
Find a positive way to view everything and everyone.

15. Enjoy Small Things That Make You Happy

Thinking of big things, we always forget to enjoy small things that make us happy.
No matter how these small things important or not but you can still enjoy them without worrying too much.

For example, if you’re stuck in the middle of traffic and it takes lots of time to clear though you can listen to your favorite podcast or music.
These small things you’ll not only enjoy but also learn something interesting from podcasts.
This will help you to keep a positive attitude in such a difficult situation.

16. Exercise Regularly

exercise to develop positive attitude

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce your anxiety and stress.
Probably this is the key to happiness.
you might be listening to music while running.
I always listen to my favorite songs when I go to running.
Nobody wants to exercise but believe me in the end, you will feel very happy and fresh.

17. Get Up Early In The Morning

Waking up brings you happiness and positivity.
That why successful people wake up early in the morning and prefer to doing meditation or exercise.
People who wake up early are more productive than people who woke up late.

Benefits of the get up early morning:
 You’ll get extra time to finish your work before others.
 You’ll lose the habit of procrastination.
 Your productivity will rise.
 You’ll get a positive attitude.
 You will feel more control in life
 You’ll be able to maintain a positive mindset

18. Make Someone Else Smile

Ask yourself the question, have I ever spread a smile on someone’s else face?
This question will fall you behind to rethink about all those memories which make you happy.

You will start thinking about all those people who have importance in your life.
Make some goals for someone else happy and think about the happiness of other people.
This will really help to maintain a positive mindset all the time.

19. Stop Watching TV Continuously

Watching TV continuously can harm your eyes.

In addition, studies shown that people who watch Television are less happier as
compare to those who do not watch.

Studies have found that watching TV 2-3 hours a day can have a bad impact on your health and has a numbing effect on your brain furthermore it can cause your premature death.

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