actions are a key foundation of all successWhy actions are a key foundation of all success.

Pablo Picasso was a great artist of the 20th century and he once said that “Action is the foundational key to all success.”
Whatever he said is absolutely 100% true and it is applied to our daily lives. Actions are necessary to make you successful in life.

What are things that keep you away from success?

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Jealousy
  3. Distraction
  4. Procrastination
  5. Lack of consistency
  6. Sitting in the comfort zone
  7. Waiting for an opportunity
  8. Lack of Responsibility


This is Why Your Actions are a key Foundation of All Success (8 factors)

1. Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure-actions are a key foundation of all success

Fear of failure could be one of the reasons that keep you away from success but you can learn from your mistakes. Most people never try what they like and don’t follow their passion because of the fear of being a failure. You could be one of those people who want to achieve their dreams but…

Remember, most successful people have been failures several times but they never give up.  If you start to believe in yourself, you would see failure as one small step toward your goals. You may fail one time, two times, three times but not every time, one day you’ll succeed.

2. Jealousy

Are jealous of other’s success? If yes, then you’ll never be successful in your entire life.

With jealousy, You’ll destroy just yourself and your dreams but can never achieve what you want to. I’ve seen lots of people jealous of their own relatives, family, friends, colleague, etc. Keep yourself distant from such jealous and poor mentality people because they can be obstacles in your path.

If you are feeling jealous of other’s success, you can get inspiration from them instead of being jealous. Your motto should be like: “People will keep burning and we will keep moving”.

3. Distraction

Distraction- Actions are a key Foundation of All Success

Distraction could be always checking social media, work on more than one task at a time, worried for the future, depressed on past mistakes however, these things won’t bring you success.

To avoid distraction, you should spend less time on social media, work on a single task at a time, forget what will happen in the future, and start planning for the future, don’t remember past mistakes that will only depress you.

If you really want to succeed, you should sacrifice momentary enjoyment and look for deep satisfaction and that requires steady actions in order to get things done.

4. Procrastination

procrastination-actions are a key foundation of all success

Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons for you not getting success. Laziness (procrastination) keep you away from success. The Lazy sentence like “I’ll do it later” won’t let you work and you just kept on forwarding the current task for the next day. Probably, Your next day would never come and you would never succeed in life. Things that have been carried forward will never be done. You are the only person who is responsible for not things getting done on time. if you want to get rid of procrastination, I would suggest you to use concentration apps to focus on important things.

5. Lack of Consistency

Consistency is one of the huge factors in the contribution to success. Thing is very simple if you don’t work with consistency, you’ll never have the taste of success.

Most people are not able to fulfill their wishes and dreams because of inconsistency. However, they start working on their goals and dreams. If you don’t do it with consistency, Nobody will come to you to do it.

You should work on one thing with consistency to become great at something. Remember, lack of consistency and procrastination both are the enemies of success.

6. Sitting in Confort zone

Confort-zone is a place where you keep dreaming, wishing but never want to do it in reality because it will feel you uncomfortable, however, it’ll become hell for you.

The Confort zone would prevent you from improving and learning something new while you’ve got the capability to do it.

Confort-zone will let your dreams die and you will never achieve what you want. You need to step out of your comfort zone to experience and face real-life situations. It will help you to learn a lot from your surrounding environment.

7. Waiting for an Opportunity

Most people wait for a special opportunity that would never come because an opportunity does not knock the door, you’ve to create them. You don’t need a special opportunity because you’re capable of creating its own.

Opportunities are always around you but you just need to identify and grab them accordingly. Just like If you want your dream job, then you need to well prepare to crack the interview.

8. Lack of Responsibility

There is a quote that “You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. This perfectly fits in our daily life because many times we run away from today’s responsibility and pushed it tomorrow.

If you wanna be successful in life, you should be responsible for every mistake done by you. Do not blame others for your mistakes. Lack of responsibility would make you weak and no one will respect you if you try to push your responsibilities.

Final Thoughts

These are 8 responsible factors that need to be considered while taking any actions. Remember, Actions are the key foundation of success.

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