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Amrita Pritam (August 31, 1919 – October 31, 2005) was an Indian Poet, a novelist who wrote the novel Pinjar which became famous and later made into a film. During a partition in 1947, she was migrated from Pakistan to India.
She became the first female poet who received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1956. Despite this, she also honored India’s highest civilian awards Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan. she raised her voice against women’s violence through her poems. Amrita Pritam wrote over 100 of books, Novels, poems, and songs throughout her life.

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Top 10 Great Amrita Pritam Quotes to Inspire you

1. “Rise! O’ narrator of the grieving; rise! look at your Punjab
Today, fields are lined with corpses, and blood fills the Chenab.” – Amrita Pritam

2. “Where the dance of Meera and the silence of Buddha meet, blossoms the true philosophy of Rajneesh.” – Amrita Pritam 

amrita pritam quotes

3. “Come! let us take a moment’s shelter under some roof,
Look! there – before you, a little way off,
There is an empty space,
Between truth and falsehood.” – Amrita Pritam

4. “There are many stories which are not on paper, they are written in the minds and bodies of women.” – Amrita Pritam

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5. “When a man denies the power of women, he is denying his own subconscious.” – Amrita Pritam

6. “Warish Shah I call out to you, Rise from your grave, speak out and turn, Another page of the Book of Love.” – Amrita Pritam

amrita pritam love quotes

7. “Like an offering at the altar of the spirit our names, slipping out of our lips, became a sacred hymn.” – Amrita Pritam

8. “perhap I will become a ray of sunshine to be embraced by your colours I will paint myself on your canvas.” – Amrita Pritam

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9. “There was a pain that like cigarettes I inhaled quietly just a few poems remain that i flicked along with ash.” – Amrita Pritam

10. “Peace is not just the absence of violence,peace is when the flowers bloom.” – Amrita Pritam

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