Flavour's Net Worth

What is Flavour’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$28.5 Million
Profession:Actor, Songwriter, Singer, Drummer, Pianist, Dancer, multi-instrumentalist
Source of Income:iTunes, Spinlet, YouTube channel, Ring Back Tunes (RBT), and others
Age:36 years old
Date of Birth:23 November 1983
Updated Year:2020

Who is Flavour?

Chinedu Okoli is more popularly known by his stage name Flavour N’abania. He is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, performer and drummer. He is popular and one of the highest-paid actors and singers across Africa. Flavour has a total net worth of $28.5 Million approximately as of 2020.

Flavour’s Early Life

Flavour was born on 23 November 1983 in Enugu. His family is from Umunze in Orumba South LGA, Anambra State. He was the third child among his 12 siblings. When he was 13 years old, he used to play the drum for the church. He is not only a good drummer but also a singer.

Flavour’s Career Beginning

Flavor began his career as a drummer for the local church. But there was no church service at that time. Because of this, the resident pastor introduced him to his friend Chris I. Ordor, the CEO and Owner of SoundCity Communications.

Flavour took the address and went to meet them where he realized that he should be part of this music band. He immediately went to his home to tell his parents. But unfortunately, his parent refused to work at that time because They want him to go to school. He was deeply upset with his parent’s decision and decided to leave home.

After leaving home, Flavour joined the music band and moved in with the band members. He learned to play lots of musical instruments like the piano, guitar besides drums.

After three years of playing drums, Eventually, he became an experienced drummer and started to play drums professionally. In 1999, Flavour moved on from playing the drum to started playing the keyboard.

Eventually, Flavour left Soundcity Communications after working with them for 11 years. He started playing drums for different bands. Meanwhile, he received an amazing opportunity to perform at City Centre, Enugu.

Flavour knew that this was the best ground to showcase his talent. He performed at City Centre and got a positive response from the massive crowd as expected. This helped him a lot in getting more offers from the music industry.

How did Flavor Get Fame?

Flavor shocked everyone in 2005 with his debut album N’abania. However, the album’s success was, particularly in eastern Nigeria. Thereafter, he released Uplifted in 2010 following his debut album. Album ‘Uplifted’ got a huge success across Africa.

Furthermore, Flavour released albums Blessed (2012), Thankful (2014),  Ijele – The Traveler (2017) and song Awele (2018).

Flavour’s Source of Income

Flavour is an owner of the 2nite club in Enugu. Moreover, he generates revenue through various endorsement deals from different companies. He has earned millions of dollars through his album sales and royalties from different Radio and TV stations.

Flavour’s Cars and House

Flavour owns a black Mercedes Benz G-wagon, Lexus LX 570, BMW X6, and a Land Rover Automobile. He also owns a multi-million dollar mansion in Lekki, Lagos State and 2nite club in Enugu.

Flavour’s Net Worth

There is no doubt that he is a successful singer, actor drummer and brand ambassador of several brands. As we know that he has made multi-million dollars through his album sales. He is the owner of a club that has the main contribution to his revenue. Although he generates enough money with endorsement deals. As of 2020, Flavour’s net worth is approximately $28.5 million.

Final Thought

Flavour is a famous Nigerian celebrity who left his home to pursue a career as a drummer. Eventually, he became one of the highest-paid celebrities in Africa. He was honored as the Best Indigenous Artist / Group in 2012 by the Nigeria Entertainment Awards. MTV Africa Music Awarded him the Best Live Act in 2014.

Flavour’s life changed because of his hard work, passion for work, patience and consistency.

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