Top 9 Coolest Things to be Productive

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, lots of countries go under quarantine.
How can you stay productive under the quarantine period? Most people are feeling laziness including me because its been two weeks under quarantine. I have found some productive things you can do during the quarantine.

Here are the top 9 Coolest Things to be Productive

1. Focus on your diet

stay productive by maintaining good diet

Diet is one of the major factors while considering exercise or any other body workout. Diet will help you to gain some essential vitamins, proteins, etc. those will fulfill the requirement of your body. Proteins are necessary for working your body function properly.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, you can focus on your diet by adding some green vegetables and Fruits or milk. You can follow the different diet according to your requirement which means if you’re doing exercise to lose weight then your diet must contain vegetables with almost zero calories.

If you’re working in a company, then probably no chance of maintaining your diet. if you really wanna healthy muscular body then this is the best time to make it possible during the COVID-19 quarantine period.

I would suggest everyone who wants a healthy body, you must make a diet plan and start doing exercise.

2. Read your favorite Book

If you bored or tired of reading your school or college books, then you should catch interesting books. If you are a college student, then I can understand your feeling because I am currently pursuing engineering and I’m also tired of listening to boring lectures or reading college books.

You can utilize this free time by reading productive books or any other books of interest. I have completed two books of my interest and these are Intelligent investor and rich and poor dad. This is one of the best things to do during the quarantine.

Usually, we make excuses that we don’t have enough time for reading books of our interest so this is the absolutely right time to catch your favorite books under quarantine.

3. Listen to Podcast or Audiobook

stay productive by listening podcast

If you don’t like reading so listening podcasts or audiobooks is the best alternative. you can listen to podcasts or audiobooks while going to sleep. Visualization is one more benefit of listening because your brain catches more things when you visualize what you’re listening to.

I’m not only talking about listening to podcasts or audiobooks but also music. When I feel tired I always listen to music from my favorite playlist.

4. Use social media to spread awareness about COVID-19

Nowadays, social media is one of the leading platforms for spreading any information. Many people spread wrong information without having complete knowledge about that situation. If you’re using social media, then you must spread awareness messages about Corona Virus.

I have seen that many people were spreading wrong information about coronavirus pandemics. Everyone should keep in mind that if they want to give awareness messages about COVID-19, then they must have to read WHO guidelines before posting anything about COVID-19 on their social media.

5. Learn New Skills

Coronavirus Quarantine can be extended for a week or month so You can take a leap for a while from your work and utilize this free time to learn some new skills. There are lots of online courses through which you can learn lots of new skills.

Udemy and YouTube are the best platforms ever or you can choose others as you prefer. Learning new skills will never waste your time but instead, it will add more knowledge to your source data. This Skills will always help you in every situation.

Knowledge gain by learning a new skill and it is more valuable than any other thing. Even many successful people said that everyone should give their priority for learning new skills. Based on your good skills or knowledge, you can get high salary jobs and not your degree.

Even if you can get a job at your dream company like Google, Microsoft, etc. with your skills.

6. Spend Quality Time With Family

spend time with family

         credit: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Usually, we don’t spend much time with our family because of a busy schedule or job. during quarantine, you should spend more time with your family since it helps you to create strong bonding between you and your family. Mutual understanding will grow by spending time with family.

How can we spend time with family?

There are lots of ways you can use like

  • play indoor games with family
  • help your mother or wife in the kitchen
  • cook meal together
  • make TikTok video together
  • read funny stories to make them laugh

7. Work On Your Long-Term Project

If you have an idea in mind, then you can start work on it during the quarantine. Many people don’t work on their ideas because they have many excuses and insufficient time is one of them. people waste their valuable time only when they became procrastinator.

If You have any ideas, then you can work on it Instead of wasting your time by watching movies or Netflix series. Long term project needs lots of time so that you can start today during coronavirus quarantine.

8. Complete Your Assignment From Home

stay productive

Obviously you cannot go to college During coronavirus quarantine, so how will you complete your assignment?

You can submit your assignment online through your g-mail or any other social media. Due to coronavirus pandemics, the government declared lockdown everywhere in the country. Students cannot go to college so that teachers can ask them to submit their assignments through g-mail.

9. Maintain Continuity While Working From Home

if you’re working at a private company then the company told you to work from home. Although maintain continuity is a big problem for many people. Because finding a noise-free environment for working is quite hard.
You can confine one the corner of your house and create a noise-free environment so that other family members won’t bother you, especially kids. You have maintained continuity while working from home.

Final thoughts

If you read the article carefully then you will understand lots of things that will help you to stay productive and manage your time by spending it wisely. You can see in the first thing you could make a healthy diet plan for yourself to stay fit.

You don’t have to go out during this coronavirus quarantine instead you can read your favorite books or listen to podcasts or audiobooks and you can work on long term projects if you have any idea.

Make use of this free time and learn some new skills to gain more knowledge. You can spend time with your family to create strong bonding and understanding them. At last, you have learned how to maintain continuity while working from home.

above 9 productive things, you could do under quarantine.




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