how to stay motivated all time

Motivation is simple is a term but its effect is very high on our life.
We all read motivational quotes or books when we feel depressed. furthermore, we search for how to be motivated all the time.

what is meant by motivation?
Motivation is a temporary emotion we derive from others or ourselves to accomplish our goals or desires.

As per Wikipedia definition, Motivation is a driving force that promotes action.

For example, John is anxious about his fat and he wants to lose it, what will he do?
Exercise is motivation which causes him to lose fat. motivation plays a crucial role in it, that promotes him toward the desired goal.
Motivation causes us to do when someone motivated us.

Types of motivation

1. Intrinsic motivation
2. Extrinsic motivation
3. Addiction

1. Intrinsic motivation

how to stay motivated

Intrinsic motivation is something in which we enjoy without thinking about getting rewards from the environment – not what they force themselves to do.
This motivation gives us relief, joy.

Let’s understand with a real-life example, my friend Michael feels happy when he plays football because of its fun.
This is the intrinsic motivation in which he doesn’t care about getting rewards because he enjoys while playing football.

Intrinsic motivation can lead you toward creativity in life.
If you have a hobby of singing a song, why not you try for a singing competition?
Your hobby can become your career if you choose it.

2. Extrinsic motivation

how to stay motivated

Extrinsic Motivation is doing something to get a reward from the environment.
Extrinsic motivation forces us to do something in life.

Let’s understand with real-life simple examples.

* Scholars work hard to get good grades in the exam.
* People go to jobs for money that they will get at the end of the month.
* You eat a good meal because you want a healthy body.
* People wear a helmet to avoid an accident.

Research finds that intrinsic and extrinsic motivators can co-exist.
It has been proved by research that attention to Extrinsic motivation can interfere with Intrinsic motivation.
But we have seen that intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are two different things that we feel.
How can they interfere with each other?
It’s true. Let’s see with an example If Michael joins football league initially for fun but then becomes more focused on winning.

3. Addiction

Addiction is the most destructive type of motivation.
It can destruct you entirely if it becomes your habit. Nowadays addiction becomes common in youth.

* Drinking alcohol in limit is good but if it becomes your habit it can cause you illness.
* It is good to go to the gym but if you do it excessively, it can destroy you.
* It is good to use mobile for good purpose but if we used it excessively it becomes our addiction.

Due to this procrastination comes into our lives and we distracted from our goal.
It is not easy to quit the addiction of anything in a short time. Motivation has helped lots of people to achieve their goals in their life.

Why Do We Need Motivation?

  • Motivation is part of our life.
  • Motivation is what we feel when someone speaks interesting that touches our hearts.
  • When we feel motivated, positive energy released from our body that helps us to do work efficiently without getting bored.
  • Every successful person has a lot of reasons for their success in life and one of them is motivation.
  • Motivation is needed not only for successful people but also for anyone who wants to succeed.

For example Ronaldo and messy are the two legends from football, they are the inspiration of many people.
By watching playing them people get motivated and many time this motivation bring better choice toward their career. without motivation, It’s not possible to do anything.

Motivation be like

  • nectar for the gods.
  • Water for fishes.
  • Fragrance for flowers.
  • Medicine for patients.
  • Life for people.

How To Stay Motivated When Depressed?

Here are the Top 10 ways to stay motivated when depressed

  1. Do Exercise
  2. Eat healthy meal
  3. Do Meditation
  4. Listen to music
  5. Get enough sleep
  6. Set your goal
  7. Share the reason for being depressed with family.
  8. Read quotes
  9. Go outside
  10. Read self-improvement books

1. Do Exercise

how to stay motivated all the time

Exercise is one of the best ways to stay motivated when we feel anxiety or depression.
Study shows exercise helps with depression.
Once you relax your muscles, your anxiety level will drops.

For example, if we divide people into two groups A and B.
We have given two different tasks such that group A won’t participate in exercise while other group B will participate in exercise for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes we have checked their anxiety level and you won’t believe there was a huge difference between their anxiety level.
So it proved that exercise helps to drop your depression level.

2. Eat Healthy Food

Eating junk food can affect your health badly so you should use healthy foods in your meals daily.
It proved that from a recent study done by researchers at Deakin University in Australia,
Healthy food can very much affect your body.
If possible avoid eating junk food as much as you can because Eating junk food can result in depression.

3. Start Doing Meditation

how to stay motivated

The recent study done by Stanford University proved that meditation helps people to reduce their stress and anxiety level and they can master self-discipline with meditation.
Meditation is one of the technique which will help you control yourself from procrastination.

4. Listen To Music

how to stay motivated

One of the best methods to reduce stress is by listening to music.
No one in the world does not like music.
When you listen to music your stress or anxiety level will automatically decrease.
While listening to music, close your eyes and you’ll find yourself enjoying it.
Your brain will release all the stress you have and spread positiveness around you.

5. Get Enough Sleep

ho to stay motivated

One of the important factors is getting enough sleep.
Minimum 6-7 hour sleep is needed daily to work our brain efficiently.
Otherwise, we will get depressed and we will not able to focus on anything properly.
Getting enough sleep is necessary because all toxins that build up during day time by burning your energy flush out while sleeping.

6. Set Your Goal

how to stay motivated

Sometimes having no goals in life may cause you depression.
A goal should be set so that your brain would kick out processes and vents you
out of that depression.

Setting a goal that doesn’t mean you have to start with a big one.
Start with a small goal and execute it immediately without forgetting it

7. Share The Problems With Family

If you feel depressed so much then share problems with family.
They will help you get out of such a situation when feeling depressed.
Sharing problem can help you to find a solution for it.
If you would not share your problem with any one, It would lead you to depression.

8. Read Motivational Quotes

how to stay motivated

If you need instant energy or motivation then you should read motivational quotes.
Reading motivational quotes will help you to reduce your stress for anxiety for a moment.
This can help you to bring out of depression situation and just feel motivated.

9. Read Motivational And Self-Improvement Book

how to stay motivated

Books are our friends because they always help us stay motivated and get out of depression. Every successful people have a routine of reading books as they help them free themselves from depression.
Books play a crucial role in their success. That’s why every entrepreneur recommends reading a book to find a path in life.

10. Go Outside

how to stay motivated

Go outside is the best option to forget all the stress and explore new things.
You can roam around with your friends or your pet dog,
However, going out will help you find a solution to your problem.


I tried my best to cover all aspects related the Motivation. We have seen what motivations are, how they are classified, why we need inspiration, and how to stay motivated when you feel depressed.

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