Have you become a Chronic Procrastinator?
you’re not alone because there are 20-30% of people have become procrastinators and they have changed their habit by applying different effective strategies.

what is a procrastinator?
a procrastinator is a person who avoids things to do on time. you have an important task to do but you are stopping yourself or postponed it later. A moment when you realize that you have become a procrastinator but you don’t know how to stop it,  So let me tell you how to deal with procrastination.

Here are Top 10 Proven Ways to Stop Procrastination

1. Identify The Reason For Being a Procrastinator

stop procrastination
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First, you have to do is to identify why do I procrastinating?
Many people have different reasons for doing procrastination.

• distracted by something that we used in daily routine.
• Fear of not getting success If I try.
• Usually, the environment has a great impact on productivity,
The friendly environment can set you up or cluttered environment can fall you down.
• Not having any goal in life or I don’t know where to start.

how to avoid procrastination above listed?

1. Write down your worries, difficulties, things that distract you.
2. if you’re an employee then you must have too much workload.

How can you reduce the workload?

you should divide your work into smaller tasks and finish them properly.
Don’t do it continuously, your brain needs some time to be refresh again,  so take a little break of 10-15 minutes and if you feel refresh then get back to your work.

This will help you to do your work in time and efficient manner.

2. Give Yourself Time

Give Yourself Time

All matter is time, I know we always think that we will spend our time doing something important work or anything rather than doing things that consume our time.

• The first thing that you have to learn how to manage your valuable time.
• Grab a small copy(diary) and listed down all tasks you have to finish on time.
• Change your mindset that you could do anything at the last moment,  take some time and finish a few tasks instead of doing everything at once.

3. Make To-Do List

make a to do list

Planning is important in life to do anything,
so just plan your day in the way that you will finish all tasks in the given time.

Follow the steps given below:
• Write down each task and ask yourself which one has the highest or priority.
• One idea could be arranging all your tasks according to priorities and give them labeling so that you will identify each task.
• Make sure you TO DO LIST must be Neat & clean.
• Every task must have a time limit so that this will help you to accomplished goals in the given time.

This will help you to stop procrastinating. Once you have plan your today, your goal became success tomorrow.

4. Reward yourself

man holding Reward yourself
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“Reward” word is quite good to hear it, isn’t it?
Of course, who doesn’t like a reward? Everybody is likely to be getting rewarded.
Let me tell you how this strategy helps me to not procrastinate.

Steps to follow:
• Usually, I make a to-do list of all the important tasks I have to do.
• Arrange them as per priorities.
• Assign a time limit to each one of the tasks.
• When I finished my task, I’ll get rewarded only after completion of the task.

“Reward” word helped me a lot to complete my task on time.
Because like everyone else I also like rewards.

5. Take Action

man is taking Take Action
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Have you made to do a list and don’t know what to do next?
Next thing is to bring your listed task into action. Yes, of course, Action is what makes you succeed.
Don’t just create a to-do list leave it as it is.

When to make a to-do list?
When you have finished your today task, You can create a to-do list before going to bed.

6. Start Doing Meditation

meditation is a great way to stop yourself from getting distracted.
many yoga types keep our mind focus just like anulom- vilom, bhramari, kapal-bhati, etc.
while doing mediation focus on your breathing IN and OUT.
meditation or yoga is a proven strategy that helps most of the people to overcome through procrastination or fear or hesitation.

7. Stay in Present

Stay in Present not worrying about tomorrow and just stop procrastination

we always think going forward will things get better.
But we don’t know, the only thing will change that our habit of forwarding everything we don’t want to do it.
If you think this moment is not perfect and you find a moment so let’s do some work.
By repeating this you will only become procrastinator and nothing else.

if you wanted to stop procrastinating then Before getting it’s too late, act in present and you’ll see the result in the future.
Before I started this blog, I was also like you who used to postpone the task to later but now I realized that if I repeat this, it’ll become my habit.

Don’t ruin your today. Remember one thing all we need is planning and the ability to take action.
Always move one step forward not backward in life.

8. Redefine what success means

Redefine what success means for you to stop procrastination
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if you already late on a project or any work and you’ve put things off to the point where it’s unrealistic to finish things with the original due date, then even if you try to work very hard, you likely to fail.


Now it’s up to you what you want to choose success or failure.
If you see opportunity as a failure, then motivation will not gonna help you.
So instead, sit down and define a new version of what success looks like.
Motivation formula always helps me a lot when I start any project.

9. Stay Focus

Stay Focus to become productive and stop procrastination
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Unfortunately, what we don’t have is “focus”.
If we wanna do any work consistently, the focus is matters.
We always delay our task because we think, it can be done later And that task never is done due to our procrastinating habit.

For delaying a task, we have tons of excuses.
That’s the main reason for what you’ve become a procrastinator.
so stay focus on things to do and efficiently finish your task.

10. Re-frame Task as input-based

Re-frame Task as input-based on your priorities
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Try asking yourself for 20 minutes or 25 minutes in case of the Pomodoro technique.
If don’t know what is Pomodoro technique so let me tell you first, this technique has you pick one task to work on.
Sit down and set an actual physical timer for 25 minutes and only work on that task during that time.
This technique helps you to reframe task and makes it just work for 25 minutes.
you’ll learn how to stop procrastination using this technique.


So now you’ve learned how to stop procrastination using above top 10 proven ways or strategies.
we have identifies a reason for procrastinating.
we have learned the importance of time that should be invested into yourself.
we have created a to-do list and learned other strategies to stop procrastination.

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