Comparing yourself with others is the biggest foolish sentence I ever heard. You know why? Because you’re very precious and you have your skills and talent that can’t be compared with others.

Remember one thing “No one is perfect but their skills and hard work make them expert not perfect”.

There are several reasons for which you’re comparing yourself with others. Let’s talk about situations where I used to compare myself with others. When I was seeing people successful and rich, I used to compare and try to become like them.

When I was in high school, I used to compete with other students for getting grades better than them. Many times I trapped in these situations and try to be like others but every time I failed.


Because I was forgetting myself and start comparing myself with others. I experienced a lot of things through these situations and at last, comes to one decision that “I shall not compare myself with others anymore”.

Comparing yourself with others will make you only unhappy, angry, and anxious.

Here are the 11 simple ways to stop comparing yourself to others

1. Take inspiration instead of copying them

There are many kinds of situations we come across daily and one of them is social comparison. Social comparison is an uncontrolled situation where one person is trying to compare himself with others. When you see people more successful, rich, and happier than you, you get some jealous feeling and you wanted to become like them and you start to copy them.

But they are more successful because they did what they love instead of copying someone or comparing themselves with others. It doesn’t mean that you cannot follow them.

So how can you stop comparing yourself with others?

You can take inspiration or motivation from them instead of copying them or comparing yourself with them. I follow many bloggers and businessman but I neither copy their niche sites nor compare myself with them. Instead of comparing yourself with others, it is much better to choose the field as per your interest and become an expert in it.

“Once you become an expert in your field, you can inspire others.”

2. Make Decision Yourself

Have you ever wondered how a social comparison situation arises?

I know you would never have thought of this. Because of our human habits, we always look into other matters. A social comparison situation arises because you can’t make your decision yourself.
You’re dependent on others and you don’t have faith in yourself. You start comparing yourself with others.

 How to not compare yourself to others?

  • Develop self-confidence and make a decision yourself.
  • Becoming independent of others will help you to stop comparing yourself with others.
  • Become an expert in one field and become an inspiration for others.

3. Choose a profession of interest

Choose a profession of interest to stop comparing yourself with others

Why must you choose the profession as per your interest?

Because when you do the work you don’t like, you will get bored after a few days. very soon you will start to hate your job. Just like that, I chose my profession as a blogger and I’m very happy with it. I love to write about productivity, happiness, motivational or inspiration blogs.

Now it’s your turn to choose your profession and become independent. As I said earlier, you must be able to make your own decision and don’t compare yourself with others. If you do the work of your interest, you will not get bored and you’ll not compare yourself.

4. Take a leave from social media

Social media is good if you use it for motivation or inspiration. There are lots of people using social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok for different purposes. We’re all familiar with the pros and cons of using social media.

When we see that people are living their blessed lives on social media, we always compare our poor lifestyle with their rich lifestyle. We always blamed our fate by thinking we’re not lucky enough to live life like them. We always consider our worst moments with someone else.

If you’re using social media for a source of entertainment, inspiration, or motivation and learning something then it alright. But if it forces you to feel anxiety, frustration, and self-doubt then you should take leave from social media for a while.

You don’t need to compare yourself with others instead you can take inspiration from them to move ahead in your life.

5. Take advice from books

Books are best friends for those looking for advice. they will never betray you like people and always show the right path. If you stuck in a situation like social comparison, then books are the best option for you. There are lots of books you can refer to get rid of social comparison or you can also use other alternatives I have suggested. This is one of the best ways to stop comparing yourself with others.

6. Become an expert not perfect

“Nobody is perfect in the world but you can be an expert.” Once you become an expert in one profession your demand will be high than others. You need to focus on yourself so that you can find out what pros and cons you have. Once you fill your con, you will be on your way to success.

7. Live your life instead of comparing yourself

Life is what you cannot measure or buy. You shouldn’t waste your life by comparing it with someone. They are enjoying their lives instead of comparing them with others. So why can’t you enjoy your life without thinking so much about other people?

Of course, you can but only you have to prepare yourself to stop being compared. Create a strong mindset and enjoy life without frustration or tension.

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8. Be grateful for what you have and appreciate good things

 Every time we look at other life and what they have and mainly focus on our worst part. But instead of focusing on the worst moment, we can focus on the beautiful moments that we captured in our minds. There are many people they don’t even have that you already own. So be grateful for what you have and appreciate everyone who wants to make you smile and happy.

“Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairytale.” – Wale Ayeni

9. Respect yourself

Remember one thing nobody will respect you until you respect yourself. Once you will start making your own decisions and taking responsibility, you will understand your value as a human being. From that day, you will start to respect yourself and live a happy life.

Many times we often think about other lifestyle and we also wanted to be like them. We forget about what good things or moments and people we have and we don’t respect them. You must respect yourself and Don’t compare yourself with others.

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10. Stop yourself from comparing

whenever you feel attracted toward social comparison, immediately stop yourself, and divert your mind from it. the comparison makes us unhappy and often puts us in unconscious situations. It doesn’t help us instead it takes a valuable moment or thing from us. We have to take control of ourselves and stop comparing it to others.

11. Compare yourself with you

Whenever thoughts like social comparison come in mind or need arises then compare yourself with you. You can compare your present-day with the past.
how can you improve yourself? Which habits do you have either good or bad? How can you be a nice person?
you don’t need to compare yourself with others since You are a very precious person. You’re the only person you can compare with.

Final thought:

Comparing yourself with others will make you only unhappy, angry, and anxious. No one will respect you until you respect yourself. make the decision yourself will help you to stop the social comparison. you need to compare yourself with you and concern your focus on valuable things.
Now you have 11 simple ways to stop comparing yourself from others.



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