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This is not the first time you’ve heard about the importance of setting goals because every motivational and success coach as well as experienced people gives you the advice to set goals in life. But Nobody will tell you, what are the benefits of setting goals?

Talking about goals and implementing them both are different. Most of the time, the Fact is that when people listen to motivational and inspirational videos, they get instantly motivated and they set up goals temporarily. However, they forget to implement them.

Here are 8 powerful reasons why goal setting is important

1. Goals Give You The Right Direction in Life

importance of setting goals: Right direction

Life without proper directions is like eating foods without taste. Are goals really Important? suppose you are sitting on the metro but you don’t know where to go. what would happen? because you don’t have any station where you could reach, you’ll just wander from one station to another until the last stop arrives.

Life is as same as the metro if you don’t set up goals in life, then you’ll don’t have directions where you can go ahead. Very soon you’ll gonna hate your life. Life becomes boring when there will be no goals, no competitions, and no directions, as well as no satisfaction in life.

what will happen if you’re setting up goals in life? 

Before setting up goals for myself, I was just like you, playing video games and doing parties with friends every day. Yes, you can say, there was enjoyment in my life but enjoyment doesn’t bring you satisfaction, money to sustains, leadership quality, and respect.

I then decided to set goals, dare to take action, and follow passions. Suddenly my life got the proper track, where I can move in that direction. Now, I’m happy, satisfied, and planning to start a new business. I’ve realized that Setting goals in life are very important.

2. Goals Give You Clarity in Life

Setting goals will give you clarity and vision in life, because once you set goals, Now you know that where, when, and in which direction to move. So that you’ll fulfill your dreams.

What would happen if you don’t have clarity in life?

As I said earlier while traveling in the metro, if you do not have a station where you want to reach at a specific time, you would wander from one station to another. The same goes for life, if you’ve don’t have goals with clarity, there is a possibility you could confuse and divert from your track.

Let’s discuss another example to clear your doubt about the clarity.

suppose you won $10 million dollars in the lottery, how would you spend it?

If you’ll don’t how to manage them, you’ll spend on buying cars, houses or expensive things, etc. It’s a bitter truth but very soon you’ll broke after spending all of them. Because of a lack of clarity, you’ve spent all the money on buying expensive, however, you could manage them to invest in multiple ways.

Many times don’t have clarity can bring fear to you. It can be fear of either losing a person in a relationship or losing a job. A person with Clarity brings happiness and trust in a relationship. In the case of a job, one thing is that you are afraid of losing your job and another is to find new ones.

You should have the clarity to achieve your dreams however, goals give you clarity so that you can think from every perspective.

3. Goals Give You Purpose in Life

Life without purpose is meaningless. Just imagine, you’re writing a book, but you don’t know what’s the purpose of it. Setting goals will give this purpose where you were lacking. Goals will help you to find your purpose in writing a book. You’ll know your audience for which you’re writing. Remember, your life’s purpose is more essential. To avoid overthinking, you should set at least smaller goals that can be more attainable.

Goals give you purpose and purpose will give you priorities to conquer your fear, haziness, and doubt about life. If you are working according to priorities, then you can have more focus on things that are important.

4. Goals Give You Freedom in Life

importance of goals : Freedom

What does actually freedom mean?

Freedom is a choice that gives you the life you want to live, gives you self-respect, gives you the opportunity to eat by choice, gives you the rights to choose your passion, etc. In Society, different people have different points of view or opinions on freedom.

When you’ve freedom that doesn’t mean you can hurt other’s feelings or violate the rights of other people. Goals give you freedom so that you’ll live a life as you want to, you’ll listen to your heart, you’ll feel free. However, there is a fact that Freedom and happiness are both linked together.

Goals give you freedom and freedom gives you happiness to live life with satisfaction and stress-free.

5.Goals Give You the Strength to Fights Failure in life

While pursuing your dreams, you’ll definitely come across a situation like a failure. To overcome this failure, goals play a very crucial role. Goals give the strength to fight back failure. Remember, Failure is just a ladder, you have to step up to achieve success. Do not give up so soon because you have dreams that are awaiting you.

When trying something new, it’s ok to be failed at first because it needs hard work and strong courage that most people do not have. Furthermore, Gold has to be burnt in a furnace before it can be turned into beautiful ornaments as well as Diamonds are made under pressure.

Sometimes goals give pressure to make you strong and extraordinary so that you’ll stand unique among the crowd.

6. Goals Give You Confidence in Life

Confidence is feeling to accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams and wishes. Goal boosts confidence in you and when you become confident, you tend to believe in yourself. You begin to think that you can achieve anything in life.

All negative thoughts from the environment suddenly turn into positive and you will feel joyful. All this is the importance of having goals in life. You become fearless and because of confidence, your words will turn into actions.

However, developing confidence is not so easy as you think. It takes time and lots of courage to make it possible. Once you overcome your fears and develop confidence in you, you will move one step towards your success.

7. Goals Give You the Motivation to Live Life

The importance of goal setting in your life has started because of one word called motivation. A person with motivation has the capability to turn his words into actions. Motivation takes initiative to develop an internal power in you. However, Motivation is different for different people according to situations. Just like for thirsty people, the motivation is to drink water, and for the hungry, the motivation is to soothe hunger.

You might be feeling depressed because of a lack of motivation.  Motivation brings happiness, satisfaction, tension-free life.

8. Goals Give You Responsibility in Life

importance of goals : Responsibility

Responsibility will help to create no excuses while taking important decisions in your life. People who take responsibility can easily control situations like a failure in life. However, responsibility brings maturity to you.

Without taking responsibility, you will be called a failure because you will blame others for your mistake. You will easily let a negative wind blow around you and it can affect your surroundings badly.

Therefore, to overcome the lack of responsibility, Goals give you the responsibility to become more confident and mature in life.

Final Thoughts

Setting goals are important to fulfill your dreams and wishes. Because goals give you the right direction, clarity, purpose, freedom, strength to fight failure, confidence, motivation, and responsibility in life. Goals help you to create the life you want to live with happiness and satisfaction.

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