Most Inspiring APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes on Success and Education

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Before going to see APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes, let’s get some overview of who was Abdul Kalam, what he did, and how he became famous?

Who was APJ Abdul Kalam?

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (APJ Abdul Kalam) is an Indian Famous Aerospace Scientist and politician born on 15 October 1931 in Rameswaram, Tamilnadu.
Abdul Kalam father Jainulabdeen was a boat owner and imam of a local mosque and his mother Ashiamma was a housewife.

He was a brilliant student since childhood and knew that his parents could not afford to send him to a good school, but somehow they managed and send him to a good school. He spent hours in studies, especially in mathematics.
Abdul Kalam completed his graduation in physics from the University of Madras in 1954 and later, He moved to Madras to study aerospace engineering at the Madras Institute of Technology in 1955.

After completing his graduation in 1960, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam joined Aeronautical Development Establishment of the DRDO as Scientist and spent four decades at DRDO and ISRO as a scientist ad science administrator.

He is also called known “Missile Man of India” since he played an important role in the second Pokhran nuclear test in 1998 and development of ballistic missiles and other research. He was also elected as 11th President of India in 2002.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had delivered many speeches at various national and international forums.
He honored prestigious awards including “Bharat Ratna” which is India highest civilian honor.
He died an apparent cardiac arrest on 27 July 2015 while delivering a speech at Indian Institute of Management, Shillong.

List of Apj Abdul Kalam Books:

  1. India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium (1998)
  2. Wings of Fire: An Autobiography (1999)
  3. Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power within India (2002)
  4. The Luminous Sparks: A Biography in Verse and Colours (2004)
  5. Guiding Souls: Dialogues on the Purpose of Life (2005)
  6. Mission of India: A Vision of Indian Youth (2005)
  7. Inspiring Thoughts: Quotation Series (2007)
  8. You Are Born to Blossom: Take My Journey Beyond (2011)
  9. The Scientific India: A Twenty First Century Guide to the World around Us (2011)
  10. Failure to Success: Legendry Lives (2011)
  11. Target 3 Billion (2011)
  12. You are Unique: Scale New Heights by Thoughts and Actions (2012)
  13. Turning Points: A Journey through Challenges (2012)
  14. Indomitable Spirit (2013)
  15. Spirit of India (2013)
  16. Thoughts for Change: We Can Do It (2013)
  17. My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions (2013)
  18. Governance for Growth in India (2014)
  19. Manifesto for Change (2014)
  20. Forge Your Future: Candid, Forthright, Inspiring (2014)
  21. Beyond 2020: A Vision for Tomorrow’s India (2014)
  22. The Guiding Light: A Selection of Quotations from My Favourite Books (2015)
  23. Reignited: Scientific Pathways to a Brighter Future (2015)
  24. The Family and the Nation (2015)
  25. Transcendence My Spiritual Experiences (2015)

Here are most inspiring quotes of APJ Abdul Kalam

1. “You have to dream before your dream come true.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

2. “END is not the end, in fact, E.N.D. means “Effort Never Dies”.”- APJ Abdul Kalam

3. “All birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

4. “Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

5. “Dream is not that you see in the sleep; dream is that does not allow you to sleep.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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6. “The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

7. “Don’t fear for facing failure in the first attempt. Because eve the successful Math start with Zero only.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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8. “Confidence and hard work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure. It will make you a successful person.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

9. “I’m not a handsome guy, but I can give my hand to someone who needs help. Beauty is in the heart, not in the face.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

10. “The key to my motivation has always been to look at how still to go rather than how far I had come.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

11. “Thinking should become your CAPITAL ASSET, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

12. “We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

13. “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

14. “Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

15. “It is very easy to defeat someone, but it is very hard to win someone.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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16. “You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

17. “Black color is sentimentally black but, every black board makes the students life bright.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

18. “A good student could learn more from a bad teacher than poor student from even a skilled teacher.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

19. “Without your involvement, you can’t succeed. With your involvement, you can’t fail.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

20. “Relations are like electric currents! Wrongs connection will give you shock throughout your life… but the right ones will light up your life.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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21. “Total commitment is crucial quality for those who want to reach the very top of their profession.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

22. “If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a shine.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

23. “Knowledge with action converts adversity into prosperity.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

24. “Mab needs difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy the success.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

25. “One best book is equal to hundred good friends but one good friend is equal to a library.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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26. “Success is when your signature changes to autograph.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

27. “Don’t read success stories, you will only get message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

28. “To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

29. “Your best teacher is your last mistake.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

30. “Never hate your haters, but respect them. Because they are the ones that think that you are better than them.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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31. “Beauty is in the heart not in the face.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

32. “Silence and smile are two powerful tools. Smile to solve problems and silence to avoid problems.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

33. “Every pain gives a lesson and every lesson changes a person.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

34. “PIZZA always confuses me. It comes in a square box, yet when you open it; its round. And when you start eating it, its triangles! Life and People are like pizza; look different, appear different and of course behave absolutely different.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

35. “Life is difficult game. You can win it only by retaining your birthright to be a person.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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36. “Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

37. “All of us do not have equal talent but all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

38. “Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

40. “Knowledge will give you the power but character will give you respect. ” – APJ Abdul Kalam

41. “If you salute your duty, you no need to salute anybody but if you pollute your duty, you have to salute everybody.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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42. “Look at the sky, we are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

43. “Lovely things to learn from water. Adjust yourself in every situation and in the shape. But most importantly, always find out your own way of flow.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

44. “Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

45. “If you believe you are right, but still people criticize you, hurt you, shout at you, don’t bother. Just remember that “in every game, only audience make noise, not players.” Be a player. Believe in yourself and do the best.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

46. “If you stay positive in negative situations, you won.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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47. “Love your job but don’t love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

48. “Thinking is the capital, an Enterprise is the way, and hard work is the solution.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

49. “Old friends are gold, new friends are diamonds… if you get diamonds, don’t forget gold because only gold can hold a diamond.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

50. “Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

51. “Life and Time are the best world’s best teachers. Life teaches us to make good use of Time and Time teaches us the value of LIFE.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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52. “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

53. “Everyone is trying to find out best right person, but nobody is trying to be the right person.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

54. “Past is a “Waste paper”, “Present is a Newspaper”, Future is a “Question paper” so read and write carefully… otherwise life will be a tissue paper.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

55. “Look at the sky we are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and inspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

56. “One beautiful heart is better than thousand beautiful faces. So choose people having beautiful hearts rather than faces!” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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57. “Patience is more than just having the ability to wait. It’s about your attitude while you’re waiting!” – APJ Abdul Kalam

58. “Problems are a part of life. Suffering is the essence of success!” – APJ Abdul Kalam

59. “Theory of life: when flood comes, the Fish eat ants, but when water dries, the ants eat fish. Life gives chance to everyone. Just have to wait for our turn. – APJ Abdul Kalam

60. “Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

61. “When man loves a woman, she becomes his weakness. When a woman truly loves man, he becomes her strength. This is called the exchanges of power.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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62. “Life is like a book. Some chapters sad, some happy, and some exciting. But if you never turn the page. You will never know what the next chapter holds.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

63. “Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

64. “If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

65. “Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

66. “Never change your originality for sake of others. Because no one can play your role better than you.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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67. “Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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68. “Always use branded items in life:
For lips – Truth,
For voice – Prayer,
For eyes – Sympathy,
For hand – Charity,
For heart – love and
For Face – Smile.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

69. “People talk behind your back for 3 reasons:
When they can’t reach your level,
When they don’t have what you have,
When they try to copy your lifestyle, but can’t.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Message to the youth of the World:

My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people.

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