Oliver Francis Net Worth 2020

What is Oliver Francis’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 Million To $12 Million
Profession:Professional Rapper, Singer
Source of Income:YT channel, SoundCloud, Albums
Age:28 Years Old
Date of Birth:12 June 1992
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Birth Place:Columbia, Missouri, United State
Updated Year:2020

Who is Oliver Francis?

Alex Kelly is more popularly known by his stage name Oliver Francis. He is an American rapper, producer, and songwriter.

Francis is one of the famous rappers in the United State. He utilized the internet and gained fame on social media platforms like Youtube and SoundCloud. Furthermore, He also has 850K monthly listeners on Spotify.

As of November 2020, Oliver has over 199K subscribers on Youtube and 62.4K followers on SoundCloud. Oliver Francis Net worth is estimated between $1 Million To $12 Million approx as of 2020.

Oliver is one of the popular and trending celebrities known for being a rapper. His songs “AAYEAHH”, “wwaavvyy”, “yeenreally”, and “polo sock” are the most popular among the audience.

Oliver Francis’s Early Life

Oliver was born (June 12, 1992) and grew up in Columbia, Missouri, United State. He was from a musical background and both his parents were played music.

He went to a non-denominational church when he was a young boy. Oliver’s family went the bankrupt from the 2008 global financial crisis when he was just 14 years old. This time was very difficult for him.

During high school, he had two groups of friends. He considered himself middle in between two groups. However, one group of friends for playing games while others were popular.

Furthermore, he learned to play guitar inspired by the punk rock band “Green Day”. Eventually, he decided to pursue his career in music.

Oliver Francis’s Career Beginning

Initially, Oliver released remix music on SoundCloud that created with Fruity Loops. However, He dropped them off on SoundCloud. Furthermore, he would release rap songs on SoundCloud once in a while.

He joined and left the band after realizing his bandmate did not have the same work ethic as him. He began to release his rap songs on social media platforms like Youtube and SoundCloud. After getting a lot of positive responses from the audience, he started to release more rap songs.

Oliver had only 3000 views on his first music video released in 2015. However, he gained more followers and viewers over the next few years. Using the Internet, he created a huge and dedicated fan base and maintained good relationships with fans.

Oliver has three SoundCloud accounts with huge fanbases. Everybody needs motivation to get started. he was influenced by Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and Curren$y.

He composed lyrics that reflected his past and real-life experiences. Eventually, He got sponsorship from the clothing brand Supreme and started wearing their clothes.

Oliver’s Source of Income

Oliver makes money from his concerts, selling merch, and also hold a youtube channel. He earns a decent amount of money from his YT channel through sponsorships and advertisements. Although, he also generates income from SoundCloud and Spotify.

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Oliver’s Cars and House

There are currently no cars and houses listed.

Oliver Francis’s Net Worth

Oliver has recently reached 199k Subscribers (as of Nov. 2020) on Youtube and moving close to 200K. Most of his wealth comes from selling tickets for concerts, selling merch, sponsorships, and advertisements. In addition, he also invested in Fashion. Oliver Francis’s net worth is estimated between $1 Million To $12 Million approx. and might change depending on the different sources.

Final Thoughts

Oliver’s music video “wwaavvyy” crossed over 4.2 million views on Youtube during his rapper career. He became one of the famous newcomer rappers in the music industry. Eventually, he gained fame as a rapper in addition to producer and songwriter.

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