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Negative thoughts are those thoughts that only focus on negativity and bad things.
In negative thinking, people will tend to find worse in everything and everywhere.
In this post, I am going to discuss 15 tips that help me to remove negative thoughts and even negativity around me.

Here are 15 tips to overcome negative thoughts from the mind

1. Find Roots Of Negative Thoughts

We cannot overcome negative thinking without finding its roots from where they came from.
Some might immediately spring to mind, but if you have trouble finding roots of the thoughts, you can take the help of the journal.
Write all the sentences or situations describing negative thoughts and puts them into the journal whenever you have them.
Ask yourself questions to analyze negative thoughts:
Why am I thinking negatively?
Am I blaming myself for nothing or small things?
Am I imagining small problems as big ones?

Most of the time asking yourself questions can give a solution to major problems.
The best way to find roots of negative thoughts is to look for thoughts that’s makes you feel sad, discouraged, depressed.
Also, you can look for thoughts for which you’re imagining small problems are bigger than they are.

2. Stop Overthinking

Our minds brainstorming thousands of thoughts every day.
Thoughts can be positive or negative, they change according to the situation.
Negative thoughts won’t stop coming into mind until you stop overthinking.
However, we have to control negative thoughts, as they can cause us depression.

What is overthinking?
Overthinking is a state of mind in which you start feeling bad and thinking about all things you have no control over.

How to stop overthinking?
Here are the quick steps to stop overthinking.

  • Take action instead of overthinking
  • Avoid negative environment
  • Find positive thinking people
  • Meditation can help to stop overthinking
  • Start doing Exercise daily
  • Stop thinking too much about future

3. Help Needy People

Helping others doesn’t mean you have to donate a large amount of money as other people do.
You can help blind people to cross the road or you can share small pieces from your food with hungry people.
You will very happy whenever you helped needy people.
This pleasant feeling will help you to overcome negative thoughts when e depressed.

I remember, one day when I was traveling in a bus, the bus was very crowded and passengers were sitting in all the seats. One pregnant lady was standing on the bus, no one offers her seat.
That time felt so bad, though I decided to offer my seat to her.

When I offered my seat to her, everyone was clapping for me. You’ll never forget these types of pleasant situations like me.
When you have negative thoughts, you can remember those situations and turns your bad thoughts into good ones.

4. Listen To Podcast

listen to podcast

When you think, you are feeling sad or depressed, you can listen to the podcast.
Now a day, listening to podcasts is the best way to get of the negative thought.
Some many motivational speakers or spokespersons release their podcasts on their blogs or any other source.

I always listen to Garyvee Vaynerchuk and Mindvalley Talk when I feel negative.
You can also listen to the podcast while driving a car.
I’m sure, you will find a better way to overcome anxiety thoughts through the podcast.

5. Deep Breathing

Studies have shown that deep breathing or meditation help to overcome 80% of negative thought from your subconscious mind.
Focus only on your breathtaking in and out and nothing else.
After mastered deep breathing, you can control your thoughts whether they are positive or negative.
Deep breathing or meditation helps many people around the world and is wildly accepted.

6. Be Grateful For What You Have

When we get trapped into negative it’s easy to forget positivity in life. While focusing on large things, we forgot to enjoy small things that make us happy. Be grateful for every small thing from waking up, to taking shower, and such many others.
You can write 5 things that you will be grateful for.
By showing gratitude, you’ll be able to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind.

7. Use Affirmative On Negativity

When you wake in the morning you can tell yourself an affirmative sentence so that your day will start with positivity.
Affirmative like

  • “I’m great, I’m very happy”
  • I am thankful to God who gave me a wonderful life.
  • “I feel so good and healthy.”

There are many other affirmative that you could use.
Affirmative always help to remove unwanted thoughts from your subconscious mind.
Control your subconscious mind before it controls you.
There is only an effective method to control your subconscious is to use affirmatives daily.

What will happen if you use affirmatives daily?
They work like your mobile phones, once you set up the default setting, it applied to all your applications automatically.
If you use affirmatives daily, your subconscious mind read your words and set them as default.
Once it becomes your habit, your negative thoughts will automatically turn into positive thoughts.

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8. Be A Creative Person

When negative things come to mind, you can spend time being creative.
Remember one thing, creative people rule the world.
As soon as negative thought roaming in your mind, you can find your area of interest and try some creativity.
Usually, when I get caught up in negative thinking, I start making paintings, although they are not very good.

How to become a creative person?
Here are some tips.
Integrate art
By integrating art into your life, your brain starts reflecting on it.
This trains you to look for the meaning messages metaphor and other important informative everywhere.
Ask questions
Creative people ask lots of questions
What if and why create a climate of curiosity.
It’s through that creative people are able to make connections, gather information, and develop opinions.
Work with your productivity
Creative people know when they are most productive and they work with it.
Your emotions flow through your creative acts, so let them flush out.

9. Find Purpose

Many people stuck in negative thoughts because they don’t have a purpose or goal in their life.
This is the main reason, why do you have negative thoughts?
How to remove negative thoughts from your mind?

  • Find the purpose to distract your negative thoughts.
  • Be consistent on your purpose or goal.
  • Make a strategy to accomplish it.
  • And then cheers.

Using the above four tips, you can keep yourself busy so that negative thoughts do not enter your mind.

10. Add Positive Words To Vocabulary

Negative thoughts always flow in our minds; do you know why?
It’s because our vocabulary contains a lot of negative words. Negative words have very bad effects on our minds.

Your image reflects through your words, what are you speaking, how are speaking, so remember to add some positive words in your daily vocabulary.
When you speak negative or in another perspective that they don’t like, people start judging you.
Your positive words vocabulary will have a great impact on your images in society.

11. Change Environment

We live in a society where most people like to speak negative and bad thoughts.
You have to choose the environment on your own so that you would not experience negative thoughts or stories from your environment in the future.
Find good people in your environment and make friends with them.
If you start roaming around positive people, then you automatically forgot those negative thoughts.

12. Read books

Do you know how successful people get rid of negative thoughts?
Every successful people has a habit of reading books because they believe books are true friends.
Books would never hurt you but people do and when you hurt, many negative thoughts are roaming in your mind.
Books have a solution to every problem. Whenever you have negative thoughts, you may read books to remove them out of mind.

13. Laugh More

negative thought

Have ever noticed how many time a day you laugh?
According to quora, on average, people laugh 17 times while children laugh 200-300 times a day.
Laughing can help you to forget all those negative situations in which you are stuck.
You can watch comedy shows or read jokes when you feel negativity.

14. Consult a Doctor or Therapist If Serious

Negative thinking is not a big problem but often we imagine small things like bigger ones than they are.
That’s the main problem, we accept negative thoughts very easily as compare to positive ones.
You must consult with a doctor or therapist when this problem becomes serious.

15. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Within all worries about work and daily life, we forget to eat healthily.
If you eat healthy, you will stay healthy and energized then there is more chance of overcoming bad thoughts and negative feelings in your mind.

What will happen if you won’t eat healthy?
You may feel sickness or weakness. If you feel weak, your body will not have the energy to fight all those negative thoughts.
You should avoid eating junk food to stay healthy so that you will fight against those negative thoughts.


Now you have tried all tips from finding the root of negative thoughts to the eat healthy stay healthy.
Now you are completely prepared to overcome negative thoughts and negativity around you.


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