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Paul MacAlindin was a classical orchestra Musician born in Aberdeen, Scotland.  He graduated from the University of York. Furthermore, he worked for Peter Maxwell Davies as an Assistant. Paul MacAlindin and his group travel almost all over the world to conduct orchestras. He wrote a Book Upbeat: The Story of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq where he tells the story of the orchestra of which he was the Music Director.

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1. “When you close your mouth, you say everything.” – Paul MacAlindin

Paul MacAlindin quotes

2. “Want to get paid for watching daytime soaps? become a therapist!” – Paul MacAlindin

Paul MacAlindin Sayings

3. “The history of human nature: How far can we get away with being complete and utter bastards, before we have to backtrack?” – Paul MacAlindin

Paul MacAlindin Quotation


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