Are you struggling with less concentration?

In this article, I’m going to tell you a solution on how to get more focus and block distraction.

What makes you more distracted?

Your answer will be your phone as the internet has become a major distraction for the youth. One notification from social media like Facebook and Instagram pulls out your attention away from what you’re doing right now.

What do you look for first when you wake up in the morning?
Again answer will be your phone.
So, how can you avoid this distraction and get more focus and concentration? I am not using all these apps, but apps like Forest and Freedom are my favorites and I am currently using them to block distraction apps and websites.

After researching and using, I am going to share concentration apps that will help you to block distractions and get focus.

Here are the top 10 best concentration apps that improve focus and concentration

1. Focus To-Do


Focus To-Do is a productivity app that is a complete package of functions to help you concentrate.

It has multiple features though Pomodoro Timer is one of its core features that let you work for 25 minutes with focus without disturbance.

Focus To-Do let you concentrate on important work with full focus to make it complete on time.

You’ll have a break soon, so you can rest for 5 minutes and then you can start working.

Furthermore, it is not only a concentration app but also the best task management and to-do app that lets you plan, manage and schedule tasks and track them as well as set reminders for important to-do tasks.

Apart from this, you can see stat by day or by the project to know how much time you’ve spent at work to motivate yourself.

It works on the 25-5 Rule to concentrate on important tasks.

It has other helpful features such as pause and resume timer, syncs across the different devices, etc.

Cost: Free/ subscription available

2. Freedom


Are you tired of wasting time on unnecessary things?  Freedom is the best distraction blocking app that lets you block all apps and websites which prevent you to focus on work while freedom has enabled.

You can create Custom Blocklists so that you would add apps and websites as per your preference to avoid distractions.

Freedom lets you create schedules to run at specific days and times and assign custom blocklists to schedules that you’ve created before.

By default, Freedom blocked social media like Facebook, Instagram, and other streaming platforms, etc. to avoid distraction.

Freedom has features to syncs across multiple devices so that you can sync your block sessions.

I would recommend the freedom app to everybody who wants to block their time-consuming apps and websites.

Cost: free trial/ subscription required

3. Forest


Forest is Another Popular Concentration app that helps you to lose your distractions from your phone.

Everybody is getting distracted from their important work because they are very much addicted to phones.

Question is arising on how to control phone addiction?

Forest is excellent productivity and focuses app that delivered the best result to its users.

Forest has helped many people to get leave their bad habit of using phones all the times. So that they can focus on the work.

Besides, it is the best cure for your procrastination habit and makes you more productive and increases your focus ultimately.


•        Allow you to track your focused moments

•        Motivate you to reach your goal.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases available

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4. Headspace


Headspace is a popular meditation app that helps you to live in peace.

You’ll distract more if your mind is not stable, so how can you concentrate on work?

Headspace is the best app to increase your focus by meditating regularly.

It has a vast amount of library that guides step by step on how to breathe properly and it helps you to boost concentration.

Headspace comes up with the following features:

•  Provides healthy exercise

•  powerful library

•  Provide guide with recording

•  You can track your progress.

 Cost: Free/ subscription available

5.  RescueTime

If you’re struggling with a concentration on work, you must try ResueTime that lets you track how much time you spend on specific tasks or websites.

Moreover, RescueTime is quite similar to Freedom which can block time-consuming apps and websites.

You can try RescueTime and manage time in a better way If you’re experiencing that you are spending too long in email or a meeting.

If you get distracted by looking at your phone or by spending too much time on scrolling social media posts or chatting with colleagues, pop up message will be prompted out on the screen to get back to work immediately.

RescueTime will help you to keep away distractions from you.

Cost: free/subscription available

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6. Stay Focused


Have you lost self-control using social media or website’s that distracts you?

Want a solution over it?

I’d recommend using the Stay Focused app which will help you to increase concentration and get back self-control.

Stay focused is one of the concentration apps that let you block selective apps and websites to reduce your distraction, so you can concentrate on your important work or task.

Moreover, you can set a time limit on your phone usage.

Like RescueTime and Freedom, you can see how much time you’ve spent on social media and manage them in a better way to reduce distraction.

It also helps you to increase your productivity and concentration on work.

Cost: Free/ Offer in-app purchases

7. OffTime


Are you distracting by playing games or using social media?

Do you want to concentrate on work?

OffTime is the best concentration app that helps you by blocking distracting apps like Facebook, games, and other communication apps.

You can create a session and schedule it so that you can offtime lock your phone at a specific time and date.

The best feature is that offtime lets you create App groups so that you can limit its daily usage to get more focus on a specific task.

If you want to check your phone usage, offtime will save your progress so you can check it whenever you would like to check.

Cost: free/ premium available

8. Study Music


Study music is a powerful android app for students who wants focus and concentration.

How Study Music help students to improve their focus on studies?

Study Music provides an eye-catching user interface and a lot of music tracks to feel more relax focus and concentration.

you can add natural sound and alpha waves to make it more natural and relaxing and better learning.

Study Music app is different from other music apps because it only focuses on cognitive tasks to increase your concentration.

Cost: Free

9. YourHour


YourHour is a great focus app that you to lower down your addiction to the phone. It let you set a time limit for each selective apps that make you less focused. You can customize your usage limit on individual apps according to your time-suitability.

Once you set a time limit, it’ll tell you how much time you are spending on a particular app and how many times you unlock that app. Yourhour will send you daily, weekly, and monthly usage reports that include stat about selective apps usage.

It’ll help you to minimize your phone addiction and ultimately increase focus on important tasks. If you want to export your data, YourHour allows you to export in XLSX format. Dark Mode is also available for people who don’t want to use it in white-mode.

Cost: Free / Subscription available

10. AppDetox


Want to stop scrolling on social media?

Want to create your own rules to stop these habits?

AppDetox allows you to create your own rules or parameters on an app-by-app basis so you can have access to them when it’s not a disruption as well as provide AppLocker to lock your apps.

Whenever you violate one of your own rules, AppDetox will remind you to put down your phone.

Additionally, you can also check these violations in a log folder.

Cost: Free

Final Thoughts

These 10 apps are the best concentration apps to avoid distraction and get more focus. These apps will help you to block distraction apps and websites.
Which Android apps are you using to save your time and to increase your concentration, let me know in the comment section.

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