Vikram Sarabhai quotesVikram Sarabhai was an Indian scientist who has a big contribution to science. He often describes as the Father of the Indian space program because if he couldn’t convenience the government at that time after the independence, then India wouldn’t have its own space program.

As per Wikipedia’s report, India’s space agency ISRO has launched 319 satellites for 33 different countries till 11 December 2019. Furthermore, He was also honored with India’s civilian awards Padma Bhushan (1966) and Padma Vibhushan (1972).

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Top 15 Inspirational Vikram Sarabhai Quotes

1. “One wants permissive individuals who do not have a compelling need to reassure themselves that they are leaders.” – Vikram Sarabhai

2. “Our national goals involve leap-frogging from a state of economic backwardness and social disabilities attempting to achieve in a few decades a change which has incidentally taken centuries in other countries and in other lands. This involves innovative at all levels.s” – Vikram Sarabhai

3. “No great importance is to be given to mere experience.” – Vikram Sarabhai

4. “We look down on our scientists if they engage in outside consultation. We implicitly promote the ivory tower.” – Vikram Sarabhai

5. “Failure is not about succeeding. Rather it is about not putting your best effort and not contributing, however modestly, to the common good.” – Vikram Sarabhai

6. “He who can listen to the music in the midst of noise can achieve great things.” – Vikram Sarabhai

7. “The development of the nation is intimately linked with understanding and application of science and technology by its people.” – Vikram Sarabhai

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8. “I also believe that a person who doesn’t have respect for time, and does not have a sense of timing, can achieve little.” – Vikram Sarabhai

9. “Choosing to lead one kind of life means putting aside the desire to pursue other options.” – Vikram Sarabhai

10. “When you stand above the crowd, you must be ready to have stones thrown at you.” – Vikram Sarabhai

11. “One wants permissive individuals who do not have a compelling need to reassure themselves that they are leaders.” – Vikram Sarabhai

12. “The cooperative structure never encourages huge bureaucratic systems, for it knows that mammoth bureaucracies cannot be sensitive to the needs of people.” – Vikram Sarabhai

13. “Our bureaucracy today is too bloated and therefore it is burdensome.” – Vikram Sarabhai

14. “I have often claimed that I have had but one good idea in my life: that true development is the development of women and men.” – Vikram Sarabhai

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15. “Basic social and economic change needs to brought about gradually and the more carefully and thoughtfully it is effected, the more permanent it will be.” – Vikram Sarabhai

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